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Quality and skin-friendly protection against viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors are some of our top priorities.
To ensure the unbeatable antibacterial performance of our shirts, we sent our wardrobe staple - the Livinguard white T-shirt -
to the Hohenstein Institute in Germany and had them undergo the rigorous test procedure outlined in DIN EN ISO 20743.
We are very proud to announce that the bacteria-inhibiting function of Livinguard's white t-shirts have been certified by the Hohenstein Institute.
Discover below 3 key features that were key for achieving the certification:

Livinguard Shirts Kill 99.99999% of Bacteria

Livinguard's white t-shirts have been tested and certified for their antibacterial function by the Hohenstein Institute in Germany. According to the test report number, white t-shirts treated with the Livinguard Technology kill 99.99999% of bacteria. Without using silver.

quality seal of the Hohenstein Institute

Livinguard Shirts Fight Odor-Causing Bacteria Around the Clock.

Livinguard Technology is not only unique for its excellent antibacterial properties. It also impresses because it fights bacteria continuously, keeping you protected and fresh all day long. Choose our revolutionary t-shirts, and you won't regret it.

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Livinguard T-Shirts Stay Fresh for Longer

Livinguard's antibacterial T-shirts continuously fight bacteria, staying fresher for longer. This protection and odor control lasts for days - and that's the reason why you don't need to wash your shirt as often as conventional t-shirts. Livinguard Technology is also skin-friendly and permanent so that it lasts as long as you follow the care instructions correctly.

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